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Malachi Boyuls is a conservative Republican candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner. Malachi will stand for liberty and believes that a small, effective government, free market, family-centered community, energy independence, and a strong economy are vital to ensure our freedoms.

As Railroad Commissioner, Malachi will fight for Texas jobs and ensure the Texas energy industry, led by oil and natural gas, remains strong, growing and a global leader.

Malachi practiced regulatory law and fought the federal government on behalf of free enterprise. Currently, he is a small business owner focused on investing and consulting in the oil and gas industry. He and his wife Shelby are the parents of two young children and are active members of Watermark Community Church in Dallas.

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What does the Texas Railroad Commission do?

The Texas Railroad Commission regulates the state of Texas' production of oil, natural gas, coal and uranium mining, and pipelines. There are three Commissioners elected statewide to 6-year terms.

The Railroad Commission is the state's oldest regulatory agency, serving Texas since 1891. The Commission originally formed to ensure that Texans weren’t taken advantage of by the railway companies and to foster the state’s economic well being. In 1917, the Texas legislature gave the Commission the task of ensuring that Texas pipelines remained common carriers, and by the early 1920’s, the Commission accepted jurisdiction of oil and gas utilities as a whole.

While the Railroad Commission of today no longer has anything to do with railroads, it regulates and oversees one of the largest oil production operations in the world--right here in Texas. While the government and the Railroad Commission cannot create a single job, the decisions made by the Commissioners have a lasting impact on the industry's ability to grow, create jobs and produce the energy Texas and America needs to continue our economic growth. It is vital Texas have intelligent, experienced and capable decision-makers serving on the Railroad Commission who are able to make tough decisions that affect Texans and our economy.

Issues facing Texas

Here in Texas we are extremely fortunate to have large energy reserves and resources - natural gas, oil, coal, wind, solar and uranium. These precious resources can point to a bright future for our state and the nation. Maintaining a competitive advantage in a global economy requires the vision, discipline and willingness to execute an “all of the above” strategy that begins with responsible production of oil and gas right here in Texas, creating jobs and prosperity. But we must leave Texas even greater than we found it for future generations.

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Energy Independence

Americans have discussed energy independence for decades, as if it were nothing but an unreachable, far-off dream. But with the right strategy and leadership, in less than a decade that dream can be a reality.

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EPA and Federal Intrusion

The EPA and the federal government are openly hostile to Texas and the oil and gas industry, and will stop at nothing to ensure we fail. Yesterday it was a lizard, today it’s a chicken. Tomorrow, there is no telling what the EPA and the federal government will throw at us to try and halt energy exploration.

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Safe Pipelines

Ensuring that Texas’ 374,318 miles of pipelines are safe and moving the energy we need is among the most important duties of a Railroad Commissioner. Pipelines are by far the safest method of transporting energy. And in Texas, our pipeline safety record is stellar.

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Private Property Rights

One of our most fundamental rights as Americans is our right to own private property. It simply must not be infringed. The Railroad Commission is often faced with tough decisions on issues of private property and the needs of the state and nation. A balance must be found.

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No one finds the balance of exploring for the energy we need while protecting our air and water better than Texans. The Railroad Commission has rules in place to protect the environment during energy production and distribution and it punishes the few bad actors.

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Family-Centered Values

We must redefine what it means to "lead." We have to get back to a model of servant leadership, where we put Texans, Texas, and doing what's right ahead of ourselves. Where our leaders stand on principle and conviction, even if it means losing.

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